About Europa Experten


Europe Experts is one of the most important hubs for IT specialists in Europe. We accomplished this because, as the top personnel and service provider in the market, we focus very strongly on engineering and IT skills as well as the IT-related environment. We build and maintain long-term relationships with our candidates. This is why we have an excellent candidate network.

Project-based deployment of top experts is our expertise. Digital transformation can only succeed with bright minds.

The globalised economy leads to decentralised structures and ever shorter development cycles, so Europa Experten provides a liquid resource that is freely available to companies.

With our high-tech solutions, we guide products through critical points for successful and optimal deployment as well as maintenance of the projects, and avoid bottlenecks in development and unplanned cost increases.

For IT-Specialists

Europa Experten ensures that digital change becomes your personal success. We present our specialists in the best possible way to build a successful career for them with exciting and challenging projects and to achieve a fair reward for their skills

For Clients

Lightning-fast provision of urgently needed IT know-how is our great strength, making a critical contribution to the future viability of our customers. Our proven recruiting expertise and excellent reputation enable us to successfully handle this task in a highly competitive market.


Working with the best companies in the industry on an equal footing means not only defining high standards, but also developing them further. We are developers with a passion: we do not separate innovation and quality. Our principle: To achieve great things, the small things are crucial. We operate a continuous improvement process at every step of the way. Feedback loops and regular checks of our professionally managed processes ensure the greatest added value for our customers

Europa Experten is your specialized personnel service provider when it comes to recruiting the best of the best. We close your acute know-how bottlenecks unerringly with qualified IT experts with experience in all industries. In this way, Europa Experten supports you in bringing your most demanding IT projects to success on time and within your budget.

  • standardised, quality-assured contract management
  • experienced legal department
  • regular implementation of legal revisions
  • flexible hiring models
  • compliance know-how
  • comprehensive technology and industry expertise
  • interdisciplinary knowledge
  • broad experience
  • proven processes
  • long-term support by a personal experienced contact person
  • flexible partnership models
  • We proactively map technological trends in our service portfolio, which we are constantly developing