Controlled and proven processes - key to success

Information ist Sicherheit

The quality of a project contract can only be guaranteed by providing accurate information. We implement this task successfully because we determine exactly: What the project goals are, what customers need on the way to achieving them and what the working environment is like. We take this information into account in the individual, precise and optimal contract design that best suits your project.

Procedure geared to the highest quality requirements

Dedicated contracting processes

- 01
First step

An initial interview to identify needs in terms of task, duration, objective and level of qualification. This is followed by a feasibility check.

- 02
Internal review of your request

Review the request with the Compliance & Legal Department and adjust the contract model.

- 03

Our recruiting experts identify suitable specialists from our multi-level pool, check availability as well as qualifications and submit proposals.

- 04

Following our planning process, you will receive meaningful and detailed solution proposals within the shortest possible time.

- 05

You choose your options from the proposals and select the desired range of services in a personal meeting.

- 06
Support in the operational phase

Once you have decided on a solution, we will contractually fix it according to your needs and organize the project. If required, we will create additional capacity, new solutions for you and provide professional support for the project. In ongoing projects, we regularly carry out checks to ensure that implementation is in line with the contract. In the event of changes, a flexible contract adjustment and a renewed review is carried out.