Unique Selling Proposition


With Europa Experten you always have access to the best IT experts.
In our pool we have thousands of experienced experts and sought-after talents – a must-have to advise and support companies in the targeted development and expansion of digital skills and to implement digitization projects successfully and professionally. We recruit both individual knowledge carriers with a sought-after qualification profile and entire teams.

Proactive recruitment and proven referral marketing approaches ensure that we always have up-to-date profiles of the top candidates on the market and stable availability of IT specialists with required qualifications. Our exclusive international network of more than 50,000 strictly selected specialists guarantees the fast and accurate staffing of your projects.

Europa Experten is one of the most important hubs for IT specialists in Europe. We succeed in this because, as the top personnel service provider in the market, we focus very strongly on engineering and IT skills as well as the IT-related environment. We build and maintain long-term relationships with our candidates and this is why we have an excellent candidate network.

In contrast to our competitors in the market, we do not focus on the contractual regulations at the beginning of a cooperation with us. Rather, we want to understand your needs in detail so that we can then make you an individual offer that is perfectly tailored to your requirements. In our opinion, a trusting cooperation is not based on standard terms and conditions, but on flexible and customized solutions for your company.

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Goal-oriented, through quality instead of quantity

Experienced employees with IT expertise are specifically supported by our globally unique matching process: This guarantees an exact match of your requirements with the candidate profiles – and in the shortest possible time. This allows you to select the perfect candidate from a large number of matches.

For us, project staffing is a process in which you as a customer effectively play a central role. We take the greatest effort in quality assurance.

EUROPA EXPERTEN deliver the solution for your IT needs

We recruit IT specialists for the entire IT cycle and for almost all challenges. Thanks to optimally fitting experts, we offer perfect support for every project phase and task. With our main areas of activity we cover all areas of expertise in IT and the IT-related environment.

With our focus on IT and the IT-related environment, we know the IT candidate market like no other. Candidates know us and appreciate us. We are always able to deliver and we offer this decisive added value through our huge network in the IT community and our reputation

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Quality in the pool of specialists

Our candidate network is the basis of our work and this is subject to continuous quality control. Proactive recruitment ensures that we always have up-to-date candidate profiles and stable availability of IT specialists with sought-after qualifications. Only one in three specialists succeeds in qualifying successfully for the pool of Europa Experten. For this reason our pool is more exclusive and of higher quality than other providers.

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To obtain a comprehensive picture of a candidate, we analyse all available information and in three iteration cycles the circle of potentially suitable specialists is drawn closer and closer. Through our delivery management we ensure that your wishes and needs are considered accordingly. Before we introduce the candidates, we have spoken to each candidate in detail and in an interview we have intensively checked their suitability for your specific needs.

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Qualität bei der Anfrageverifikation.

Quality assurance begins with the recording and verification of your inquiry. When we receive your inquiry, we use a standardized needs assessment form to ensure that all relevant information and requirements are documented. This is the cornerstone of our quality assurance, as it creates the starting point for the entire recruitment process and ensures that your project is optimally staffed and implemented.

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Qualität durch Feedback.

Of course our strict quality assurance does not end with the assignment of the candidate. During the cooperation we attach great importance to a regular dialogue and applied quality and process controlling. After a successful placement, a reference process is initiated in our quality management department, in which structured feedback is obtained from you and the specialist. This allows us to maintain and optimise the quality of our internal processes at the highest level at all times.

We shape the future

Europe Experten work at the pulse of time.

Together with our customers and specialists, we drive the digital future forward every day. After all, the ability to successfully and quickly implement innovation and digitization projects often determines the future sustainability of companies. 

This is exactly where we are the partner who turns your challenges into opportunities and ensures your future success.

In order to achieve this, we proactively and in a differentiated manner deal with trend topics of digitalization as well as with the necessary political conditions. This ultimately ensures your corporate success.


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Our recruitment expertise, tried and tested a thousand times over, contains a wealth of experience and, together with our excellent reputation, ensures that we can master the Herculean task of recruiting in a highly competitive market.

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With us, you secure the best know-how – and at lightning speed. Because we understand exactly how important your project is, we usually present you with suitable candidates within a few days.

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With us you can be sure that you will get the best know-how. A precisely fitting selection is our claim and at the same time our promise. A huge network with a strong quality assurance process ensures the highest added value.

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Adaptive pricing model and attractive prices

Our services are cost-effective and high quality. Due to a huge reach in nearshore we have the possibility to offer very attractive rates, save your resource costs and at the same time maintain high delivery quality.

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Consistent and target-oriented

Through firmly established control points throughout the entire process, we ensure that our customers can rely on the highest possible quality at all times – be it at the beginning when checking the customer’s requirements or later during project staffing and implementation.

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Happy and motivated freelancers

We have a huge international network in the IT community, based on trust and transparency, and enjoy a high reputation there. The candidates know and appreciate us.